Premium Services For A Premium Client


Red Leather Photography was founded in Atlanata and got it’s start as a headshot company. The name is derived from “red leather, yellow leather” this a phrase used by professionally trained actors as a vocal exercise to help their diction. We aimed at serving actors in the Atlanta area. However we quickly learned that although the headshot industry was fruitful. The portrait industry was severely lacking in the pricing and quality of image accessories. We noticed the same habit of over charging in pet portrait photography. If you’re paying a premium price shouldn’t you be receiving a premium product? This is why we re mobilized our efforts and began aiming our services to the portrait community. We offer beautiful modern and large prints that command awe and admiration with pricing that makes sense for the quality of the product. Red Leather Photography is not the usual photography studio and that is something we take pride in because we love to put you the customer at the forefront of high standards, quality service and products.