Deposits and cancellations

All deposits are non-refundable but are credited to your balance. Please make your pets special day a priority and clear your schedule. Cancellations are not accepted. Rescheduling is recommended.


Rescheduling is allowed if the request is made at least 72 hours prior (firm) to the hour of your scheduled appointment. However only one reschedule request is permitted. Unfortunately if it is past the 72 hours a late rescheduling will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. Exceptions are made is severe circumstances.


Please be respectful of the time and the time of clients scheduled after you. We encourage you to map out the shoot location in advance if the shoot is not taking place at your home and please plan for traffic delays. Atlanta traffic is terrible, so the photographer will wait for a total of 30 minutes past your appointed time. Please be advised that if you are over 30 minutes late, your deposit will be forfeited.

Do you offer reshoots?

Refunds or reshoots are not offered unless there was major fault on the photographers part. You will be allowed to see the photos periodically during the shoot to make sure your photos fit your needs. Please feel liberated and speak your mind. We will shoot within reason until you love a photo. We are committed to your happiness.

How do I submit my deposit?

During your free phone consultation, a link will be sent to you via email. You may inquire about available shoot dates and times but an appointment can not be confirmed until a deposit is received. We hope to see you soon!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Cash App and Venmo. All remaining balances are due on the day of your shoot date.

What do you do with my information?

We respect your privacy and do not sell any of your information to third party companies.

What Services are offered?

We offer portraits for individuals. Portraits for pets and their owners are available as well. We also offer a influencer package for people looking to brand themselves. We also help businesses with branding on our business tab.

How many people does a photo shoot cover?

One person if single and two people if a couple.

What is covered in the editing?

All images are shot using RAW format. We do color correction and edit your images in Lightroom and Photoshop to perfect the image.

Do you shoot with natural light or strobe lights?

Both. We are able to shoot with strobe lights or natural light when the weather permits. Noon or sunset are ideal for natural light photo shoots.

Are there any discounts?

We offer a $300 discount from the digital file fee if you purchase a print from us.

How long does a photo shoot take?

The process has no set time but will usually take between 1 to 2 hours to get the perfect shot of your animal friend. The price you pay is a set day rate. Once the photographer and you agree on a image the next step in the process will take place which is the step when we show you what materials you can print your image on.

Do you provide samples?

After the photo shoot is concluded the photographer will pull out material samples so you can see the quality and potential of what your image could look like. If you choose not to print on any metal or acrylic and opt for fine art paper and a traditional frame than you will be shown a digital selection of potential frames.

What materials do you offer?

We offer High Definition Metal Prints with white metal or silver metal. White metal produces bright colors and sliver metal adds dramatic effect. High Definition Acrylic is also offered, images are first printed on metallic photo paper and then covered in acrylic. This is a higher quality process. Most other producers often print images directly onto the acrylic instead of metallic photo paper which causes the images colors to look dull. We also offer fine art paper. Our Fine Art Paper is made 100% from cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free.

What happens after I choose my material?

After you choose your material you can expect to receive a link 24-48 hours after the photo shoot session. The link will direct you to a online gallery where all you have to do is click or tap on the heart icon of the images you want to keep. The system will inform the photographer of what was favorited. All you have to do is heart the image. Than you will receive a 2nd link after 2-7 days.

What is the 2nd link for?

The 2nd link is the final state of your images. You can approve the images by clicking on the heart icon or tapping on it. After this your images will be printed/framed unless you only opted for one print and wanted the other images as digital versions. The Photographer will reach out to you for verification of which specific image you would want printed.

What if I’m confused about the online gallery?

If at any moment something doesn’t make sense feel reassured that we are more than happy to help. Please call us at 555-555-5555 and we will be glad to help.

How long will it take to print/frame my image?

Production time varies on the material selected.

Production time Schedule

These production times are approximate; they are not guaranteed and do not include holidays or the time it takes to ship. The window time for production is rarely missed but some times may take longer due to circumstances such as high volume of prints and etc.

Fine Art Paper: 3-5 Days

Treated Metal Products: 7-9 Days

Fine Acrylic Products: 9-12 Days

Once the print is done how long for it to be shipped?

Once everything is done and stored we will reach out to you for a good day to hand deliver the product and have the instillation done.

What is your shipping policy?

We hand deliver your framed/printed art directly to your house free of charge. We send out a contractor along with a employee to do a professional installation. We want to ensure that the job is done right to our standards and according to your needs. Shipping and installation is FREE.


We currently only ship and work in the Atlanta Metro Area and surrounding areas.


At a future date, yes we do have in mind to ship internationally but this is not currently available at the moment.

Is Installation and shipping really free?

Yes it is.

What is the difference between your products and your competitors?

We knock the competition out of the park in quality. We would love to tell you why so please contact us

What happens if my print has a defect?

If we missed something and there is a major defect please contact us and let us know so we can review the defect. If it all checks out we will reprint your art piece but we will need to reclaim the defective one first so we can have your situation remedied.