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Photography Session


Rates starting at $250/week

you don’t have to be a model for your pictures to look good. We make it a pleasant and relaxing experience for you! We go over posing with you in a way that just makes sense. plus we help you on wardrobe choices. We want you to look your best for your special day. Have peace of mind knowing we don’t take random snapshots. We take our time during the session so we get beautiful images that we think you’ll love and cherish!

Touch Up Editing


Rates starting at $100/person

touching up is just that. we touch up the colors and fix heat blemishes. how natural or how GLAMOROUS we make your image is completely up to you

Digital Makeup Application & Enhancement

rates starting at

Don’t feel like putting on makeup but still like the look? we can do it digitally. We can add on just about anything from bronzer to lipstick. you should know by the way that if YOU'RE in the mood for it, we can give your eyes a fun artsy look, just pick the color.

Framing & Albums

Contact us for more info

we cover this part once your pictures are ready for viewing. if curiosity really has you wondering then just reach out to us below on the bottom of this page.